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Learning for an exam? Let AI test your knowledge! Share quizzes with your friends and see how you are standing.


Quizzes are the most objective way to test knowledge of your students. AI Quiz Builder will let you build them in seconds.


Engage with your audience in more creative way. Create quizzes to check their knowledge of your brand.

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It is completely free! However, there is currently a limit of 15 quizzes per user. Our plan is to provide unlimited quiz creation to everyone, but we are looking for partners to make it possible. Know someone who might help? Connect us!

You can insert your input in any language and you will receive quiz questions in the same language. Current engine works best with English, but you can definitely try other languages as well, even though quiz questions might not be 100%.

Yes, we have a lot of cool features like time limited test, password controled access to quizzes and much more in our minds. Stay tuned!